How do I join MummaBFit?
Each MummaBFit course is a series or block of sessions. On average a course is 7 weeks long and runs in conjunction with the school term time.. Booking is essential and spaces do fill up very quickly. Price wise, an example of a 7 week course is £52. We give priority booking to those already on the course to secure their preferred time and location on the next course. Contact us via social media or on our website and we will do the rest. We will book your name on to the booking sheet to reserve your place and give you payment details. Once payment has been received you are all booked, that’s it! Did you know we even allow part payments to spread the cost out and make things easier on the those tight maternity wage slips! 

You must be at least 6 weeks postnatal to exercise and you’ll need to have been signed off by your doctor/health visitor as being fit to exercise. If you have any ongoing issues or health concerns get in contact and have a chat with us. It doesn’t mean that you can’t exercise, you may have to take it a little easy. If you have any questions then use the email form on the contact page.

How long after having my baby can I do exercise?
A lot depends on how the birth was but we will not allow anyone to exercise until 6-8 weeks after a vaginal delivery, assuming you’ve had the all-clear from your doctor or health visitor. If you’ve had a c-section then it’s best to wait around 8 weeks post delivery to allow your body a little extra time to heal, again assuming you’ve had sign-off from your doctor to exercise . Drop us a line if you have any questions though and we’ll be happy to talk through your situation.

How long is each class?
We say to allow an hour for class. The exercise part usually lasts around 40 minutes including warm up and cool down.  Please arrive promptly as we do try to start on time as this allows us lots of time at the end to chill out, relax, drink tea and eat biscuits. 

Can I bring extra children and siblings
Of course!!! It’s best to check out the list of venues first as some are suitable for babies only, while others are large enough to accommodate inquisitive toddlers as well. But we know that some mums have extra children that are not at school yet so we try out best to accommodate them, some even join in. If we run in school holidays or inset days extra children are welcome. We are not responsible for your babies and children; we are here to look after you. All we ask is you take responsibility for your own children and keep an eye on them at all times. 

How much does it cost?
Payment is made for a full term and term length coincides with school term times. Each term costs on average £50. Occasionally we do “pay as you go” classes, please contact us for me details. 

How do I pay?
We accept bank transfer, paypal or cash in advance. All balances MUST be settled prior to the term starting. 

What if my baby cries or needs a feed?
Then you do what you have to do!!. You will not be judged in our classes, ever,  we’re all mums so if you need to stop and look after your baby then you go, do what you have to do and rejoin the class when you’re ready, its your time.

What should I wear/bring?
Firstly for your comfort you need to make sure that you have a well fitted, supportive bra that accommodates your changing size and shape. Apart from that its pretty much up to you, general gym wear is always good as are loose fitting sweat tops and tracksuit bottoms. Its all about being comfortable. Take a look at the pictures around the website, you’ll see what the other mums wore when they popped along. Make sure you have a bottle of water and your baby changing bag with your usual baby paraphernalia and we’ll provide the rest. If there is anything in particular you think your child may like then of course please bring it. 

I see you take photos of both mums and babies, I am not comfortable with this. 
Not a problem at all. When you sign up you are asked to sign a disclaimer stating you are happy for photographs to be taken of you and your little one and understand these will be used on social media. This is also reiterated at the beginning of the term. We try to never take unflattering photos and always double check if we feel the photo taken of your child is direct and prominent. If you are still not happy with this then please just say and we wont take any of you both, or we will blur you out. We are registered with the data protection act and will not do anything to invalidate or go against this. We respect your privacy to up most and will work with you to make you comfortable.

I understand I have to fill out a PARQ health questionnaire when I sign up. What is this and what happens to it? 
We need a PARQ filled in so we as your instructors know about your health, your pregnancy, labor and any on going health issues relating to the aforementioned. It is essential so we do not cause you any further harm or aggravate any issues. We also need your next of kin details if, heaven forbid, anything happens to you. Each instructor keeps your notes on them at all times for referencing or if as mentioned we have to contact anyone. Once you finish a term and choose to leave Mummas, all notes are handed over to chief cheese Vicky. These are safely secured and locked away. We keep them for 12 months before destroying them. This is to protect us, as much as it is you. We will NEVER EVER pass your details onto a third party, unless requested by you, and we will NEVER EVER disclose your details to anyone else. We are fully registered and affiliated with the Data Protection Act. More information can be found at http://www.legislation.gov.uk

What if I can not make a class?
Places on our terms are pre-booked and paid for. If you can not make a session we do not offer a monetary refund or discount your next term. However; where possible you can attend another of our classes that week and make up your space. This is subject to spaces available and your missed session must be made up within the week missed. Alternatively if you have a friend who is also at least 6 weeks postnatal and would like to try Mummas, you are more than welcome to send them. But you must always notify us of this first!  

I’m a bit nervous
There’s nothing wrong with that, for some this a big thing and we recognise that. It may sound silly but we get nervous meeting you all for the first time too. But we’ll do all we can to help you get comfortable and support you. We’re all mums we’ve all been where you are now and we’re sure that as well as the exercise you’ll benefit from the advice, support and time of the others you’ll meet in class. We have witnesses mums form friendship and we too as the instructors form friendships. It is not uncommon for us instructors to meet up with some of our mums out of Mummas and much on more tea and cake! 

Doesn’t eating biscuits after workout make it a bit pointless?

Absolutely not! it is all about moderation. We are not here to turn you into Victoria Secret Models (as much as we’d love to be) we are here to help you get out the house, return to exercise safely, feel good about yourself and socialise. top tip, just take one biscuits, not 2 – that’ll help 😉 

Can I see a copy of your t&c’s?

Of Course!  please click here…