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In your head you're thinking

😖 You’re a mum stuck in a complicated relationship with your post-baby bod. The kind of relationship Facebook would call "It's Complicated." You want to love it, but secretly hate it! 

😖 Your stomach? Yeah, it's been on your hit list for a while. You bum has more jiggle then jello and let’s not even talk about the back fat.

😖 Diets? You've tied every one going and feel you could write a book about them! 

😖 Staying motivated is like trying to herd cats. The thought of surrendering your "survival" glass of wine in the evening or bidding farewell to post-dinner snacks is laughable. Because, let’s be real, we’re surviving motherhood one sip and snack at a time.

😖 Your Weight loss attempts feel like it's taking the scenic route, complete with frustrating detours and sloth-like speed. It's like waiting for your toddler to put on their shoes – painfully slow and possibly futile.

Feel like I'm in your head? Welcome to the MummaBfit Weight Loss Programme – the not-so-serious journey to a happier, healthier you. No sugar-coating here, just a healthy dose of honesty, a splash of sarcasm, and a good ol' pinch of humor.

I'm the accountability you've been looking for and need. I'll keep you on the path to success with a smile keeping it real, enjoyable, and effective!

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I relate so much! I'm in!

Intrigued, but the inner monologue goes like this:

😣 Contemplating, "Why bother? Mum life’s always the trump card - no time/money/energy/motivation*." *Delete as needed because, let’s face it, there's always one.

😣 Skepticism kicks in – at the mere mention of "diet," you're ready to faceplant that packet of biscuits sat right next to you.

😣 Been there, heard that. "Get more sleep, lower stress, cut sugar." As a busy mum? It’s like asking for a unicorn on a Tuesday.

😣 No desire to splash cash on tasteless "low fat" wonders or play chef with recipes that the kids will probably reject.

😣 Pondering the feasibility of weight loss when your household survives on a steady diet of nuggets, pizza, and anything that goes from the freezer to the oven in record time. Because who has time for gourmet when there's a kid meltdown pending?

Sound familiar? Enter ME! Ready cut the crap, get rid of the diet BS and declare that those micro meals, Friday night takeaways and Lidl bakery doughnuts are here to stay! Oh, and did I mention I’ll guide you straight to those banging results? 

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Hey there!

I'm Vicky, the head honcho at MummaBfit. Just like you, I'm a food lover, despise diets, and live a whirlwind mum life. No time for BS, right?

Passionate about helping fellow mums reclaim a bit of themselves, I bring years of fitness industry wisdom, hands-on client experience, and my own wild parenting journey to the table.

With 3 boys, a love for all things edible, and the desire to squeeze back into my favorite outfits, I get the struggle. I'm here to guide you through a body transformation sans faddy diets. No slimming drinks, no ditching the wine, and definitely no banishing cake.

I've steered countless clients towards incredible results without the sacrifice. I won't push you into giving up treats; I'm all about working with your life, your chaos, and getting you jaw-dropping results.

Oh, and that photo of me devouring cake in a cafe? Yeah, I ended up with food poisoning the next day. Lesson learned, but damn, that cake was worth it! 🍰😅

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Join today for £69pm  

We Start on the 26th February kicking off with 3 live webinars that week (all recorded) to get you going and off to the best start. If you join up early we will start work before hand to get going early! 

Group coaching program with weekly 1:1 check ins


Personalized nutrition guidance that lets you enjoy your favorites.
Access to online workouts when you're in the mood.
A supportive community – because mum life is better together.
Engaging webinars, podcasts, and bonus courses for added guidance.
6-weekly group meetups – because life is more fun with fellow rebels.

This is for a 12 week commitment (3 payments of £69)

This is about investing in a diet to end all diets. To help you lose weight and KEEP IT OFF! 

This isn't a fad, this isn't about having you say no to food, "Syn" food or feel deprived. This isn't about endless exercise program, regimented daily cardio or building "gains". This is honest, realistic and achievable weight loss delivered to you by a busy mum who gets just how you feel and has a solution to help! 

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Imagine if...

💜 You could lose weight and keep it off, not just until the next tempting treat waltzes by?

💜 You could shed those pounds WITHOUT bidding adieu to your beloved wine, cheese, chocolate, cake, and the sacred biscuits?

💜 You could dive into the loft, rescue that bag of pre-baby clothes, and actually fit into those elusive shorts again?

💜 You could trim down WITHOUT becoming besties with your treadmill for hours on end?

💜 You could slim down WITHOUT running a separate kitchen operation with its own special foods, turning family meals into a culinary circus?

Well, buckle up, because you absolutely can! No "diet" nonsense here and absolutely no depriving yourself!

My method won't force you to part ways with your cherished foods, miss out on seaside chips, or bid farewell to that soothing evening glass of wine. No smoke, no mirrors, no fads, no bogus shakes, pills, or fancy recipes – just unfiltered advice, unwavering support, and solid results. Get ready for a journey where the only thing shrinking is your dress size! 

Take me to join up!

All of these lovely clients are busy mums, they love their foods and had yoyo'd with faddy diets for years. 

They all walked away from me with renewed confidence & amazing weight loss results.

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