Online workout classes created to fit in around your busy life

Welcome to the online world of MummaBFit, the home of online exercise classes suitable for everyone including our specialty, safe exercises for pregnant and postnatal mums.

We offer fitness which is fun and as challenging as you wish to make it in our awesome online community.

If you’re looking for a way to get fit, strengthen up and feel like you are doing something for you, then we’re the place to go, with a good dose of laughter thrown in!

Take a look around and find out what we’re all about. In normal circumstances our pregnancy and postnatal exercise classes can be found anywhere between Amesbury and Aldershot, including Andover, Basingstoke, Winchester, Fleet and Ash.

However in a world dominated by Covid-19 we have cancelled all classes indefinitely, We will emerge when it is safe to do so.

In the mean time; check out our awesome online workout classes. The same great classes you’d find your local hall, but this time in your own lounge!

About MummaBfit

MummaBfit runs fun and child-friendly postnatal exercise classes stretching from Aldershot to Amesbury; a 50 mile patch. We were set up by Vicky who, when her son was 6 weeks old, attend a postnatal exercise class at her local gym. Miserable and feeling overwhelmed by the presence of this tiny human in her life she met her best friend Cheryl, who was equally exhausted, overwhelmed and struggling. Vicky and Cheryl bonded over a love to tea, their tiny babies and eye rolling. It really highlighted the importance of getting out with a small baby, doing some exercise to help lift a persons mood and meeting new people. Vicky was already a fully qualified personal trainer when the idea came about of holding classes for mums in the same situation she was in. Vicky wanted to provide classes where mums can come together with the pressure of childcare removed because baby or child can be right there with you in a safe and fun environment.

Vicky had a vision of classes that are fun, social and enjoyable for everyone with a huge heap of mayhem thrown in for good measure. MummaBfit offers a place for mums to rediscover a little bit of themselves, workout safely without the need for childcare and laugh. Every session ends with a social time where we all enjoy a much needed cuppa and munch biscuits, that’s very important to us. Friendships are formed, stories shared and moral support given.

MummaBfit offers new mums the opportunity to exercise in a child friendly environment with a focus on fun, friendship and fitness. Vicky and her team of qualified ante/postnatal instructors can help you find the time and space to work on your fitness at your own speed. Our classes are designed to get you back into shape at your own pace with guidance and support to achieve what you want. The one thing we guarantee is there’s no shouting, we don’t involve exercises that will damage your delicate postnatal body and we certainly do not place pressure on you to workout or push yourself.

Having said this we do welcome anyone to class; so if you are looking for a workout to really push yourself, increase your strength or blast some unwanted weight then we are for you too; everything is adaptable!

Classes are a mix of cardiovascular, resistance, body weight and core exercises suitable for new mums without placing pressure on the abdominal’s or pelvic area. There’s no pressure to keep up with others and as your posture and core stability improve and as fitness returns you can move on to more challenging exercises, but only if you want to.

Whilst Covid-19 is still present in the world come join us online for a fabulous workout to really get the heart rate up, tone up and leave you feeling great!

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