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I own Basingstokes ONLY mum and baby  fitness studio & gym solely dedicated to your postnatal recovery & beyond


My Why, My Story

Allow me to tell you why I started MummaBfit

Hi! I'm Vicky!

MummaBfit was born out of my own battle with postnatal depression and the isolating loneliness that comes with motherhood.

As a new mum 12 years ago with my baby boy Oscar, I had no idea what had hit me!

No amount of NCT classes prepared me for the life I was thrown into. It was hard, as a new mum, who had experienced a difficult labour resulting in a C-section I struggled to understand what was going on with myself let along this new bundle of screaming joy. I honestly felt like I had lost my body to being a mum, it is a feeling a lot of mums experience. 

MummaBfit founder Vicky
Mum of boys living in Basingstoke

I spent ages searching for a local gym with childcare near me and looking at endless exercise classes.

Exercise felt imposing and scary; lets face it, I didn’t quite know who I was after endless nights of zero sleep and a rock bottom confidence.

Fortunately I did find one that ran a small 6 week course through which I met my best friend.

Upon qualifying as a PT myself 4 years later, with my best friend by my side, I decided to create my own postnatal fitness classes suitable for all new mums to get together and feel safe and a little less alone.

The biggest thing I wanted to do was provide a service that helped look after another mummas Mental health.

Despite stepping back in 2019 to have Elliot since 2016 MummaBfit has exploded; and despite a small break thanks to a worldwide pandemic, we are still going strong. 

I took a break from Mummas during lockdown, initially classes converted to online and I retrained in becoming a Level 4 Nutritionist.

I decided not to return to MummaBfit in person classes following lockdown due to the worry if being in person and risking covid.

I loved my online weight loss program but it wasn't lighting me up as much as Mummas did and following the birth of my youngest the old feeling of loneliness came knocking once again.  

Postnatal fitness gym classes
Fitness classes in Basingstoke

I brought back MummaBfit in January 2023. In the space of 5 months I went from 3 village hall locations to owning my own barn; the barn that classes run out of today.

I am here providing awesome postnatal exercise classes suitable for all mums to workout with their baby, we also have loads of mums with older children come to class and mums that come without children.

The community and friendships I see forming every week have me buzzing!

My favourite bit is the end of class. We sit, drink tea, munch biscuits and put the worlds to rights. We are not just another mum and baby music or sensory class focused on the children. We are classes for you, mum, we have become more than just a fitness class but a stay and play, a community and a support group.

Friendships have been formed, community has been built and we really are the backbone of so many mums maternity leave journeys and beyond!

Out side of work and my mental life running around with the tribe, my hubby and I converted an old van into a campervan and this is my happy place! We spend days out in it and if I am not in here it the sea, I am generally found head deep in a puzzle with a cup of tea! 

I can't wait to meet you and welcome into the Mummas Tea drinking (or coffee) biscuit dunking, family. 

Vicky x

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